“I scream from the top of my lungs, what’s going on?”

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Passion Project

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in an era where you were born? I always wish I was born where everything looks classy and artistic. Where vintage cars, turntables and typewriters are a thing. I’ve always been a sucker for old stuff and it has always been my plan to switch into analog when it comes to serious photography. After x no. of years, I decided to make some passion project and that includes putting my heart into taking photographs using a film camera. Here are some of the shots I took using Canon Datematic 40mm f2.8 lens with Fujifilm YKL 100.

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Question yourself

I finally decided to never be afraid to show and share with you what keeps me sane as a part of my yearly goals. I’ll be adding posts here that relates to my Art because why not?

So here’s the first one. Just a while ago, a Thought Catalog article caught my attention on how to heal your mind in just 30 seconds. To summarise it, just asking yourself this one question will give you answers and truths that can stop you from overthinking. So I made this one as a little reminder for myself whenever I get into a petty fight with my lovies or myself.

Photo grabbed from Caleb George at unsplash.com


“The question, “What else could this mean?” will allow you a little space for new truths to be revealed. When you commit to using this question on yourself, you’re laying the foundation for a quick way to overcome emotional upheaval. When you commit to using it with a friend or partner, you are forging an agreement to help each other overcome difficulties much more quickly than in the past. This question helps lay the foundation for a Happy New You.” —Jonathan Robinson

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